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Family Law

Alimony and Texas law

Decades ago, alimony was a common feature in Texas divorces. Well-paid career opportunities for women were few, and so courts typically presumed that a divorced woman needed her ex-husband's financial support in order to keep something close to the standard of living...

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Spousal support in Virginia

We may not always think of things this way, but when two people are married, they have financial obligations to each other. Even if they don't share bank accounts, they must find a way to work as a team to pay for their housing, living expenses, medical care and all...

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Why would I consider divorce mediation?

It is easy to let emotions run high during a divorce or other family law matter. Often, the Danville-area couple going through a divorce will have a lot of anger toward each other that may have contributed to their breakup. Also, divorces often involve high-stakes...

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Divorce mistakes to avoid

Divorce is never easy, but you can make it harder on yourself by committing preventable mistakes. If you are going through a divorce or see one on the horizon some of the most important not-to-do's include: Getting careless on social media: A lot of people regret...

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