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Why would I consider divorce mediation?

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2022 | Family Law

It is easy to let emotions run high during a divorce or other family law matter. Often, the Danville-area couple going through a divorce will have a lot of anger toward each other that may have contributed to their breakup.

Also, divorces often involve high-stakes issues. For example, Southern Virginia parents may have a conflict over what custody arrangement is best for their children. These conflicts can be difficult since the result can affect each parent’s relationship with their children.

People should not discount the importance of financial issues, like alimony and property division. A negative outcome in a divorce case can mean that one person will struggle financially for years after the split.

It can be easy to want to take a divorce proceeding to trial for a number of reasons. Sometimes, this is absolutely the right decision.

However, in many, if not most, cases, it actually pays off to negotiate. Negotiating can save the cost and stress of preparing for and going through a trial. It also takes the uncertainty out of the case, since the couple itself will decide the outcome.

Finally, a successful negotiation is often a better outcome for the couple’s children.

Family law mediation is an option for couples who may wish to try to negotiate their differences out of court.

Anyone who sees the benefit in trying to resolve their differences out of court might consider it as one of their legal options. In some cases, a court may even require a couple to try mediation.

How does a family law mediation work?

The mediation process is confidential. This means that a person is free to share information without having to worry about it later being used against them. The process is also voluntary. People do not have to agree to anything.

Basically, a person with knowledge of family law, such as an attorney or a counselor, will work with the couple to try to help them negotiate their outstanding issues.

While it is not their job to make decisions, they may discuss each side’s position in order to come an agreement.

If the couple reaches an agreement, the mediator and the attorneys involved may work to figure out the details.