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Driving safely on Virginia’s roads this spring

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2024 | Car Accidents

As winter turns into spring in Virgnia, you may spend more time on the roads. Many people are happy to see the end of icy and dangerous winter roads and excited for road trips and vacations.

The nice weather and longer days might cause you to let your guard down when you are driving, but all seasons contain their own risks to drivers. Following these safety tips can help you stay safe on the roads this spring and reduce your chance of an accident.

No snow does not equal no dangers

The snow might be gone, but the roads may not necessarily be free of hazards. Some roads may contain leftover icy spots. While the weather is slowly getting warmer, the temperatures are still low at times, especially at night. This can lead to slick spots on late night or early morning roads.

Watch for salt and sand on the roads, which are used on icy winter roads. Although the snow and ice may melt, the remaining salt and sand can cause you to lose traction and skid off the road or slide into another vehicle.

Potholes and animals

The snow and salt combined with the varying spring weather often causes potholes. Be on the lookout for potholes. If you cannot avoid one, drive slowly over it and release your brakes before you drive over it, which lightens the impact.

Watch closely for animals on the road as they come out of winter hibernation. It might be difficult, but do not swerve to avoid an animal directly in your path. Remember that animals are usually more active at dusk.

We might wish for plenty of sunny spring days, but rainy spring days are common in Virginia. When driving in the rain, you should exercise many of the same precautions you did in the snow.

This means slowing down, driving with your headlights on and not tailgating other vehicles. Be careful when changing lanes and always use turn signals. Give yourself plenty of stopping room at stoplights or stop signs, since rainy roads can be as slippery as icy or snowy roads.

Hail and floods

Strong spring storms or melting snow can result in hail or flooding. You should never try to drive through a flood. Do whatever you can to avoid it and find another route.

You should generally never try to drive through a hailstorm. Not only can it damage your vehicle, but it also reduces your visibility and makes it difficult to maintain control of your vehicle.

Protecting your rights after a springtime accident

Drivers who do not follow these safety tips put everyone around them on the road in danger. Their negligence can cause a serious car accident, leaving you with major injuries and catastrophic losses.

If this happens, you have options for recovering these losses and holding the other driver accountable. Because car accidents happen so fast, it is often difficult to figure out exactly what happened. The other driver could try claiming you were the negligent one, so it is important to know how to build your case.