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New speed camera law in Virginia shelved until 2025

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2024 | Personal Injury

In Virginia, the dangers people face when they take to the roads as drivers, passengers, bicyclists and pedestrians are known. In recent years, distraction has come to the forefront. That tends to obscure longstanding issues like drivers who are under the influence, recklessness and speeding.

An attempt to expand speed cameras was put forward across the commonwealth, but will be on hold until 2025. Since these steps will not proceed until at least next year, it is imperative for people to be aware of the potential for speeding vehicles and take steps to remain safe. After an accident in which people are injured or lose a loved one, there are strategies to recover for all that was lost.

Speeding is a leading cause of auto crashes

Current law in Virginia mandates that speed cameras only be installed near schools and in construction zones. If the newly proposed law had passed, it would have given different jurisdictions the option of putting speed cameras on roads as they see fit. Known speeding areas or locations where there are a significant number of crashes would likely have cameras installed.

As the law was discussed, the House Transportation Subcommittee decided that this was not the right time to proceed with the changes. To address speeding, some jurisdictions have reduced the speed limit already. One, in Falls Church, lowered many roads to 20 miles per hour from 25. Other areas have expressed concern about speeding due to a rise in fatal accidents. Prince William County was hoping to add speed cameras with the new law given the prevalence of speeding and its inherent risk.

Speeding increases the impact and severity of a crash

Law enforcement can only catch and stop so many drivers who are violating the law. When it comes to speeding, lawmakers have tried to reduce it with technological advancements. Speed cameras are strategically installed to photograph vehicles that exceed the speed limit, record their license plate and cite the driver. Still, these cameras are in limited locations and the recent attempt at expansion was shelved.

With that, people on the road need to be vigilant, know which roads are problematic and take steps to remain safe. Even if people are cautious, there are many auto accidents that are simply unavoidable. Those who have been injured will need to address medical costs, lost income and an uncertain future. These issues are exacerbated if there is a fatality. The cause of the crash is crucial and those considering what to do next need to be fully prepared to take the steps to fully recover in every way.