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The most dangerous roads in Virginia

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2024 | Car Accidents

Virginia has some beautiful scenery, but it also has some extremely busy highways that are often clogged with traffic or filled with fast drivers. This can lead to serious or deadly car accidents.

Some roads are more dangerous than others. A recent study analyzed data over the course of a few recent years and determined some of the state’s most dangerous roads.

Portion of I-64 is most dangerous road

According to the study, the most dangerous road is a stretch of road on I-64, specifically between Exit 261A and Exit 264. Between 2018 and 2020, 11 fatal accidents occurred on this stretch, with a crash happening approximately once every three miles.

I-95 is a major highway that runs through the state of Virginia. Portions of I-95 between Exit 160A and Exit 166A in Prince William and Fairfax counties also saw a high number of fatal accidents, with an accident happening almost every two miles.

Exit 92A to Old Ridge Road on I-95 in Hanover County was also shown to be a dangerous portion of I-95.

Some of the other most dangerous roads in Virginia include:

  • Hull Street Road from Wayside Drive to Evans Street in Richmond
  • Hampton Roads Beltway from Exit 281 to Exit 274 in Norfolk
  • I-295 from Exit 41A to Exit 34B in Hanover County
  • US-13 from Indian River Road to Baker Road in Virgnia Beach and Norfolk
  • Mechanicsville Turnpike from Colter Drive to Old Hickory Drive in Hanover and Henrico counties
  • US-1 from Haden Ave to Bellwood Road in Richmond
  • Brock Road from Catharpin Road to Orange Plank Road in Spotsylvania County

Top causes of serious and deadly accidents

Drunk driving and speeding are some of the main causes of accidents on these roads. The study revealed that drunk driving contributed the most to accident fatalities, with speeding being the second.

Outside of drunk driving and speeding, there are many other factors that contribute to motor vehicle accidents in Virgnia. Distracted driving, bad weather conditions and not following traffic laws regularly cause serious crashes.

All these are examples of negligent driving. Negligent or reckless drivers on the roads should be held accountable for their poor behavior, especially when that results in major injuries or fatalities.

The consequences of a car accident

An accident on one of these or other Virginia roads can cost you quite a bit. Aside from the medical costs for treating your injuries, you might face lost wages and intense pain and suffering.

Many accident victims develop post-traumatic stress disorder or experience mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. Under Virgnia’s negligence law, you could receive compensation for these types of damages.

Proving negligence requires establishing that the other driver failed in their legal duty to drive reasonably and safely and this failure caused your accident. You must also prove your damages.

It is important to gather evidence of everything that the accident cost you to increase your chance of recovering compensation. Knowing the law and having substantial evidence are two components of a successful personal injury case.