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Speeding in a major factor in Virginia auto accident deaths

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2023 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

There are myriad relevant factors in Virginia auto accidents with how they happen and the severity of the results. One that has been a cause of severe injuries and death since the advent of the automobile is speeding. While vehicles are safer today, it remains a problem.

Recent statistics show just how significant a role speeding plays in road deaths. People need to be aware of this so they can take steps to enhance safety. Unfortunately, that will not prevent all accidents. With that, it is wise to know the available alternatives

Researchers and analysts discuss the prevalence of speeding

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles reports that there were nearly 25,000 accidents in the state that were speed-related in 2022. More than 13,000 people were injured and 441 lost their lives.

Forty-four percent of fatalities listed speeding as a cause. More than one in three male drivers ages 15-20 were speeding when there was a fatal accident. It was 31% for males ages 21-24.

For 2020, an overwhelming percentage – 87% – of road deaths linked to speeding did not happen on interstates, suggesting that speeding on local roads is the biggest challenge.

Several entities including AAA, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the American Psychological Association have assessed the problem of speeding, coming to worrying conclusions. AAA says that young drivers have a propensity to speed and males are more vulnerable to the temptation. This raises the chance of an accident.

The APA is not surprised by these numbers, saying that their research suggests that many people behind the wheel think there is nothing unusual about speeding. It also found that drivers who tended to speed did not do so as often if they were close to a park or on a road with bicycle lanes.

After an accident, there are options available

Any auto accident – whether it is a car, truck, motorcycle or involved a bicyclist or a pedestrian – will have consequences. People can face financial turmoil from medical costs, be unable to work and need assistance with basic needs. It can be worse for families left behind after a fatal accident. It is imperative to know why the accident happened, determine the short and long-term costs and to take steps to make a full recovery in every way.