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What is different about a truck accident?

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2023 | Personal Injury, Truck Accidents

Any car accident that leaves a person seriously injured is a major legal and financial problem for the victim and their family.

After a motor vehicle accident, the victim will have to show how another driver is responsible for their injuries.

The victim will also have to demonstrate how much compensation they should receive.

On a practical level, while still recovering, the victim will have to handle medical bills and other financial obligations.

They may also have to deal with an insurance company that simply does not have the victim’s best interests in mind. It is very difficult to handle one’s affairs alone after any injury accident.

Truck accidents add some extra complications for victims:

  • Because of a truck’s large size, truck accidents often cause serious injuries which can leave the victim permanently disabled.
  • Truck companies have financial and business incentives to deny or try to deflect their responsibility for an accident.
  • Truck drivers, trucking companies and others in the industry must follow a variety of rules which don’t apply to people driving their personal automobiles. Many of these rules are supposed to make sure that those with whom truckers share the road stay safe.
  • A number of different people may be legally responsible for a truck accident under Virginia law.

It will be important for victims to make sure they get what they deserve

If they understand what makes truck accident personal injury cases difficult, there is a chance that the injured will not get enough compensation to cover their losses.

While it is only fair that victims get every penny they deserve, not getting compensation can spell financial disaster.

Recovering from a truck accident could require ongoing expensive medical care which sometimes could cost millions of dollars.

Moreover, the victim may need ongoing personal care or special equipment, both of which are also expensive. If the victim was working, they will have to replace their income or figure out some other way to pay their other bills.

Successfully pursuing a personal injury claim can be difficult, but it can be essential to recovering compensation for all an injured person has lost due to the negligence of a truck driver or their trucking company.