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Research says risky driving is getting worse in Virginia

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2022 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

Auto accidents with injuries and death are unfortunately frequent in Virginia. People who take to the road in any capacity—driving, as a passenger, a pedestrian or bicyclist—will know that people are increasingly indulging in dangerous behaviors behind the wheel.

Along with speeding and reckless driving, there is always the looming threat of drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Now, with the prevalence of smartphones and onboard systems, drivers can multitask. Many cannot resist the temptation to do so. Distracted driving is a growing challenge for safety. To make the problem more concerning, recent research suggests that the dangers might in fact be getting worse in Virginia.

Driver behaviors are stoking safety concerns in Virginia

According to AAA and Forbes, Virginia is seeing an uptick in risky driving. More and more drivers are going through red lights, exceeding the speed limit and driving drunk. The commonwealth has seen a spike in road fatalities since the health crisis came about in 2020.

Virginia road deaths were higher than the national average. Statistically, 260 road deaths occurred because of speeding. This surpassed the national average by 2%. Thirty-nine percent of the fatal crashes were linked to some form of impairment.

A fundamental problem is that drivers stated they knew they were placing themselves and others in jeopardy with their behaviors but refused to change. Regarding distraction, it was noted that simply removing one’s eyes from the road for two seconds makes them twice as likely to be in an accident. This is not limited to cellphone use but extends to interacting with passengers, eating, changing the radio and other ways in which focus is removed from where it should be: driving.

With the problems that stem from an auto accident, having help is advisable

The roads are inherently busy. It might seem worse during the holidays, but there is always the chance of an auto accident. As this research suggests, people’s behaviors are growing more problematic. It is creating an environment in which a crash is very possible.

Injuries can be financially and personally costly with hospital bills, lost time at work and the need for aftercare. When a family has lost a loved one, they must come to grips with the loss in every conceivable way. Having advice with the available options after a collision can help with deciding what to do. Consulting with those experienced in investigating motor vehicle accidents, gathering evidence and pursuing claims can be essential.