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Research study shows increase in Virginia auto crash fatalities

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2022 | Car Accidents

In Virginia, auto accidents are a common way for people to suffer catastrophic injuries and loss of life. Often, those involved are simply heading to work or are on a leisure activity when another driver crashes into them. In recent years, the roads have gotten more dangerous because of distracted drivers, speeding, drivers who are under the influence and other risky behaviors. Statistically, the number of fatalities is on the rise. After a collision, people who have been hurt or lost a loved one must remember that they have rights.

Transportation research study highlights fatal auto accidents

Researchers from the nonprofit TRIP issued a report saying that Virginia had a troubling increase in road fatalities. In 2021, the number of deaths had risen by 16% compared with 2 years earlier. This was slightly less than the national spike of 19%, but it is still worrisome. In 2021 in Virginia, an average of 161 people suffered injuries in a crash every day. Overall, 968 people lost their lives.

The increase in accidents was something of a surprise to researchers, especially since there were fewer vehicles on the road because of the national crisis. The reduction was mitigated by drivers behaving in riskier ways because of fewer vehicles sharing the road. From 2019 to 2020, the United States saw an 8% increase in deaths even with an 11% reduction in driving. In 2021, there was another increase in fatalities by 11%.

Anecdotal and statistical evidence says that driver behavior is the primary factor in these increases in Virginia and across the United States. The Virginia DMV stated that 46% of fatalities were found to be related to speed. Another major problem referenced was distracted driving.

The most vulnerable people are bicyclists and pedestrians in part because they are not accorded the protection of a vehicle of their own. Virginia lost 16 bicyclists in 2021. This was 23% more than in 2019. As for pedestrians, 125 were killed.

People affected by an auto accident should know the value of professional advice

The aftermath of motor vehicle accidents will have a far-ranging impact on those who were hurt and family members left behind. Not only will it be a financial hardship with medical costs and lost wages from being unable to work, but it is emotionally and personally traumatic.

Often, they are unaware of their rights and do not know what steps to take. Discussing the case with those who are experienced in auto crashes, knowing how to investigate and gather evidence can be crucial. Consulting with caring professionals who are community-minded and provide compassionate service can make a difference for a positive outcome.