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Four tips for driving safely in work zones

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2022 | Car Accidents

Spring is here in Danville and summer is right around the corner. While you might notice trees budding and flowers blooming there is another common sight this time of year: traffic cones and orange barrels. Yes, spring and summer are common seasons for road work. Driving through work zones takes care, and a crash in a work zone could injure a worker, another driver or you yourself. The following are some tips for driving safely in work zones.

Tip 1: Plan ahead

The first tip is to plan ahead. Research your travels and note where you will encounter work zones. If it is possible to avoid the work zone and use an alternate path, that may be better. Sometimes a GPS can detect work zones before you encounter them and can offer a detour.

Tip 2: Stay alert

If you do find yourself in a work zone you must stay alert. Pay attention to signs, especially those that indicate lane changes, a lower speed limit and other important notices. Staying alert also means avoiding distractions such as your smartphone, food, music and conversations with passengers in your vehicle.

Tip 3: Watch your speed

There are many reasons why you may need to slow down in a work zone. Traffic patterns can shift, and workers could be present on the road. Note that speed limits in work zones are generally lower and speeding in work zones could result in hefty fines.

Tip 4: Merge into open lanes in work zones

If you are approaching a work zone that has one or more lanes closed, move into the open lane as soon as you can. Do not try to wait until the last minute to merge into an open lane in a work zone. When merging, make sure to check behind you and in your blind spots for other vehicles.

Stay safe in work zones

Driving in work zones can be frustrating especially if traffic is heavy or you must take a detour. Still, it is important to keep safety in mind when driving in a work zone. Doing so can help prevent auto accidents that injure others or yourself.