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The dangerous impact of truck driver fatigue and help for victims

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2021 | Truck Accidents

This blog recently discussed efforts aimed at reducing truck driver fatigue. It is important to reduce truck driver fatigue because it is dangerous and can lead to serious truck accidents and injuries to victims. It is important to understand the causes of truck driver fatigue to help prevent it but it is also important to understand the impacts of truck driver fatigue because the impacts on victims can be devastating.

Drowsy truck drivers have difficulty focusing on the road

When a truck driver is experiencing truck driver fatigue, they may experience increased difficulty focusing on the road. A truck driver may fail to notice a vehicle pull out in front of them when they are drowsy or may fail to observe a driver in their blind spot or changes in traffic patterns, speed limits or traffic light changes.

Drowsy truck drivers suffer from a decrease in their reflexes

Prompt reflexes are an important part of driving and drowsy drivers may suffer a decrease in their reflexes. Truck drivers need sharp reflexes so they can respond to hazards while driving to help avoid truck accidents and truck driver fatigue may reduce those reflexes.

Drowsy truck drivers may be unable to make good timely decisions

Truck drivers have to take decisive actions and quick decisions on the roadways. When a truck driver’s ability to take quick actions to respond to roadway conditions, truck accidents can result.

Personal injury legal options are important protections for victims of truck accidents to be familiar with. A personal injury claim for damages can help truck accident victims recover compensation from the negligent truck driver responsible for the harm they suffered which includes from drowsy truck drivers.