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Know the signs of elder abuse in nursing homes

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2021 | Nursing Home Abuse

Across America there are millions of elderly people who reside in nursing homes, including thousands right here in Virginia. And, for the most part, the staff members at those nursing homes are good at their jobs. However, we all know that there are some “bad apples” who may not appreciate the needs and concerns of those elderly residents. In fact, there are reports in the news about abuse and neglect occurring at nursing home far too often.

Know what to look for

So, do you know the signs of elder abuse? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are several categories that fall under the umbrella-term “elder abuse.” For example, perhaps the most obvious category is physical abuse – an intentional use of force by a nursing home staff member against a nursing home resident. Shoving, kicking or hitting a nursing home resident will likely leave the resident with bruises or sores, not to mention the emotional distress caused by such an action.

Sexual abuse it another category. Unwanted or forced interactions of a sexual nature are not only criminal, they are also a severe violation of an individual’s rights. It can leave a victim shell-shocked, causing significant changes in behavior. Yet another category of elder abuse is neglect. If you see that a nursing home resident’s basic needs are not being met – such as regular food, hygiene and medical needs – that may be because of neglect in the nursing home.

When Virginia residents face nursing home abuse, they may have legal options to consider. Holding such “bad apples” accountable is a goal at our law firm. For more information about how we help Virginia residents with personal injury cases, please visit our website.