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We Are Passionate About The Results Of Our Work

When you face legal concerns, you need an attorney who understands the local laws and is familiar with the local courts. The Danville personal injury lawyers of Williams, Morrison, Light & Moreau have fought for the rights of our clients in both Virginia and North Carolina since 1962. Primarily, we have defended the rights of people charged with crimes and upheld the rights of people who have suffered wrongful death or devastating injuries. However, we provide counsel for a wide range of cases in other areas, including personal injury, car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, serious injuries, DUI, family law and bankruptcy.

We Try Cases

If there is one thing that distinguishes our practice, it is our willingness to try cases. Our experience has made us outstanding trial lawyers in the area, with results that speak for themselves. To take but one example, Robert Morrison was responsible for what was until recently the largest verdict by far ever obtained in Halifax County in a motor vehicle case.

Such a record of success requires not only persuasive arguments, but also extensive evidence and facts. That is why we have three full-time investigators on staff. We make sure every case we handle is thoroughly investigated and prepared before trial.

We are a "people's practice"; our clientele spans the spectrum from physicians to undocumented workers. Whatever your situation, our trial experience serves you in good stead if you have a problem with the government, insurance companies or the health care system. These entities have no interest in you, whereas we will be your powerful advocates.